BFS Workshop Schedule

Day/Chapter Time Activity/Topic
1 0800 Participants Introduction
Overview & Workshop Introduction
1/Chapter one 0900 The safety incident pyramid-Exercise
1000 Measuring safety performance-Exercise
1150 Lunch
1/Chapter two 1300 World-class safety model-Exercise
The priority of safety-Exercise
1400 Accountable for safety-Exercise
Establishing safety standards-Exercise
1500 Understanding safety standards-Exercise
Maintaining safety standards-Exercise
1600 Measurement of safety success-Exercise
Undesired beliefs Vs targeted Culture
1700 End of day one
2/Chapter three 0800 Minimum safety rules handbook
Introduction for minimum safety rules
0900 Safety responsibilities-Exercise
General safety rules
1000 Operational safety procedures
Safety topics and hazards-Exercise
1150 Lunch
Day/Chapter Time Activity/Topic
2/Chapter four 1300 Behavior observation and reporting
Behavior observation
1400 Behavior card-Exercise
1500 Unsafe behavior root cause analysis-Exercise
1600 Reports and trends
Continuous improvements
1700 End of day two
3/Chapter five 0800 BFS is not just a card-Exercise
0900 Field and office audits and reviews
1150 Lunch
1300 Review of critical safety procedures
1500 Exercises/Observation of safe and unsafe acts
1700 End of workshop
10 minutes breaks every 50 minutes, Lunch time= One hour