BFS Workshop Introduction


BFS Workshop Introduction:

  • Introduced to safety behavior in mid-eighties;
  • The fact that safety is the responsibility of every individual was realized;
  • More literatures were developed to improve behavior based safety;
  • Industry undesired safety beliefs/norms Vs. targeted safety culture;
  • One reflect limitation and the other aimed at excellence;
  • Implementing an excellence belief system that will have very positive influence;
  • On the unsupervised employees behavior and on management decision.


Behavior focused safety (BFS) is a process of the way we think and act about safety as per:

  • World class incident reporting and analyzing as in Safety incident pyramid chapter, including measuring safety performance;
  • Implementation of the six steps of the world class safety model;
  • Development of safety rules handbook;
  • Behavior observation and reporting;
  • And summary of these activities as in the final chapter including field and desk review of 29 critical safety procedures.


As will be  explained in/by:

  • BFS Book;
  • Interactive workshops with related book;
  • At least one power point presentation for each chapter;
  • With practical exercises & examples.