BFS Book Contents

BFS contents
Chapter no. Topic
Chapter One
1.0 The safety incident pyramid
1.1 Measuring individual safety performance
Chapter Two
2.0 World-class safety
2.1 The priority of safety
2.2 Accountable for safety
2.3 Establishing safety standards
2.4 Understanding safety standards
2.5 Maintaining safety standards
2.6 Measurement and reward of safety success
2.7 Undesired beliefs targeted Culture
Chapter Three
3.0 Minimum safety rules handbook
3.1 Introduction for minimum safety rules
3.2 Supervisor, employee, and contractor safety responsibilities
3.3 General safety rules
3.4 Operational safety procedures
3.5 Safety topics and hazards
Chapter Four
4.0 Behavior observation and reporting
4.1 Behavior observation
4.2 Behavior card
4.3 Unsafe behavior root cause analysis
4.4 Reports and trends
4.5 Continuous improvements
Chapter Five
5.0 BFS is not just a card
5.1 Field and office audits and reviews
5.2 Review of critical safety procedures