About The Author

Abdalaziz H Al Saadi

Graduated from KFUPM 1976;

Joined Saudi Aramco 1976;

Project & maintenance engineer 1976-1980

Master degree from NMSU, USA 1982;

Maintenance supervisor and operation foreman Yanbu, Gas Plant (YGP) 1983-1985;

Maintenance Senior supervisor YGP 1986-1989

Yanbu Terminal operation superintendent 1990-1995;

Yanbu refinery maintenance superintendent 1996;

Yanbu refinery operation superintendent  1997;

Yanbu Gas & Terminal maintenance superintendent 4 years;

Yanbu Gas & Terminal (YGT) operation superintendent 2 years;

Led the safety team and efforts for YGT up to 2012.

Work certificates will be shown next.

BFS Snapshot of Recognition Certificate

BFS Snapshot of Recognition Certificate